Coronavirus Testing in Los Angeles

With the ever changing COVID-19 landscape, we are proud to expand its testing to individuals and launch concierge services and business testing solutions.

Total Testing Solutions has partnered with multiple CLIA Certified and FDA Approved laboratories to ensure your testing experience with us is second to none. We can now offer testing on multiple platforms for both insured and uninsured patients. Using the latest technology we can get your results to you in 24-72 hours. We accept both insured and uninsured patients at no cost. We bill your insurance without any copays, deductibles or hidden fees. If you are uninsured we will bill through our CARES account and you will NOT receive a bill. NO PATIENT WILL INCUR ANY CHARGES FOR TESTING.

Can anyone be tested?

Yes, at Coronavirus Testing Los Angeles, anyone who has symptoms or has been in contact with someone with symptoms or is found to be positive can be tested. If you want serial testing you can do so, but insurance may not cover every test you get over time.

What precautions will be taken at the testing center?

Testing will be done one car at a time with security in place and a mechanical gate to ensure privacy, safety and lower risks of transmission. All Coronavirus Testing Los Angeles providers will be properly trained and gowned wearing protective equipment. You will stay in your vehicle to decrease risk of transmission.

What are the cash costs?

There is no fee for testing or consultations. This service is provided to the patients free of charge. We will bill your insurance or the state through our CARES account for our consultation and the lab will do the same. If you do not have insurance, you must provide a valid form of identification or a social security number.

Is Antibody Testing covered?

Right now very few antibody tests are covered by your insurance. Coronavirus Testing Los Angeles has done extensive research and have found that antibody testing currently has a high false negative rate when done on only single surface proteins. We have partnered with a lab that has an extensive panel. The charge for this testing is $250 plus an at-home phlebotomy fee (between $75-95/person). This is done through a private lab that does not take insurance. You can submit a claim for all charges to your insurance and through the CARES act you should be reimbursed for that claim.

What if I have insurance?

Your telehealth screening exam will be covered by your insurance per your policy. If you qualify for a test, it will be billed out under your insurance.

What do I do if I am positive?

One of our providers will consult with you for next steps but please stay inside and remain in isolation for 14 days. We will be available for telehealth visits during that time if you have questions regarding your health or change in symptoms.

What does a negative test mean?

Negative testing means that at the time of testing you were not infected by the virus. There is a false negative rate with these testings so please continue to use caution and practice social distancing. If you test negative you can still contract the virus at any time and could have even contracted while waiting for results (in the case of standard testing).

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Total Testing Solutions is here to provide you with at home testing. Testing is fast, easy and painless. Book now for your concierge appointment today.

We can now deliver FDA Approved saliva kits directly to your home. We provide you with remote telehealth consultations at your convenience along with at home testing for both PCR and Antibodies with quick turnaround time and result delivery. Why leave the comfort of your home when you feel ill? Let us bring testing to you.

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What if I don't want saliva testing?

We can also provide you with testing at your home with our qualified healthcare professional. We will come to you and perform a nasal swab with expedited result delivery. Our professionals come in full PPE and can do your swab outside so they never enter your home. Cost for this service is $300.

How do I book an appointment?

To book an appointment click on the link below and fill out the brief questionnaire. When selecting the appointment type make sure to select "At Home Testing" as your appointment type. You will choose your time and date for consultation and one of our healthcare professionals will consult with you and get your test setup quickly.

What is the cost for home testing?

The cost for each kit is $200 which includes lab fees as well as shipping and handling. We will bill your insurance or CARES for your consultation fee.

How Quickly will I get my results?

Turnaround time is 24-48 hours from when the lab receives the kit. If done in the morning and shipped out via fedex in the prepaid and labeled box, the lab will receive your kit the next day. Results take up to 48 hours but are often available within 24.

Do you do antibody testing?

Yes, we have partnered with one of the nations top laboratories to administer the most robust testing panel on the market. It tests for four different surface proteins. Most competitors only test for one. It also tests for 2 different antibodies. In essence it is 8x as many tests as the test you would be getting from other large labs. We also organize a phlebotomist to come to you at your convenience so you can do everything from the comfort of your own home. The cost is $250. This includes both the test, lab fees and mobile phlebotomist. Results are delivered within 3-4 business days. You can also elect to do an at home or on site fingerprick test for the same price. Specimen is still sent to the lab and results are just as accurate.

Is the test FDA Approved?

Yes. The lab we use has been validated by the FDA. On 60 blinded subjects they were able to accurately diagnose all 60 on an FDA approved machine. It is easy to perform and is done under supervision of a licensed healthcare provider.

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Total Testing Solutions provides convenient and customized testing solutions for any business.

Total Testing Solutions (TTS) is a Los Angeles based company dedicated to providing access to testing for local businesses both big and small. We are a medical testing company that combines custom testing solutions, telehealth services and concierge options and platforms to provide unparalleled organization and operations to business testing needs. Since the start of the pandemic, TTS has mobilized to provide testing to essential workers, first responders and healthcare personnel. The founders have both medical degrees and Master’s in Public Health and are actively testing and consulting those with COVID-19 on the front lines. They are also owners of a busines that has been directly impacted by COVID-19. Our experience and understanding of business needs and fears is what makes us your best option for employee testing solutions.

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Benefits of our Service
  • Create custom and concierge testing available immediately at local testing sites
  • Provide option of on-site testing for larger groups
  • Provide at home testing options for all employees or positive cases
  • Unique account manager for your organization to help coordinate care of employees
  • Provide telehealth medical consultation available to all staff
  • Test results delivered to both employees and employers
Why use us?

Unlike our competitors, we are partnered with a medical practice and multiple CLIA Certified labs to allow us the ability to provide both medical care and testing to our clients. We are accustomed to concierge service and organization on a macro and micro level. We work with large and small businesses and provide quick turnaround of results from FDA EUA Certified labs.

  • rt-PCR testing via Nasopharyngeal, nasal, oral and salivary methods with rapid turnaround time.
  • Robust antibody platform
  • Telehealth consultations available
  • Work notes and results delivered securely and quickly
  • Customer service focused
  • Mobile, at-home and local testing modes available
  • Thousands of business tests performed
  • Weekly pop up testing sites at studios, productions, construction sites, offices, and restaurants
  • Multiple options including in-office saliva testing and on-site nasal swab. Both FDA EUA certified using CLIA Certified Labs.
What Kind of Businesses are using weekly testing?

Unlike our competitors, we are partnered with a medical practice and multiple CLIA Certified labs to allow us the ability to provide both medical care and testing to our clients. We are accustomed to concierge service and organization on a macro and micro level. We work with large and small businesses and provide quick turnaround of results from FDA EUA Certified labs.

  • Many different types of businesses are using weekly screening to keep employees safe and efficiency up. Weekly testing has been proven via multiple modeling studies to decrease outbreaks in the workplace. By testing your employees weekly you can catch asymptomatic patients who may cause a breakout. This has been a very useful model for many construction sites, productions, labs, restaurants, skilled nursing facilities, schools and more.
  • How can paying for screening be financially beneficial for my business? If a breakout occurs, the business must often shut down for two weeks. By screening employees you can decrease the risk of that significantly. We screen thousands of employees weekly and catch asymptomatic positive patients every week. By getting this information before they spread the virus, we are able to save hundreds of thousands for our clients every month.
  • Are there any other services you provide? Yes - we provide many other options for every unique situation including telehealth and other testing. Please inquire today about what else we can do for you.

Unlike our competitors, we are partnered with a medical practice and multiple CLIA Certified labs to allow us the ability to provide both medical care and testing to our clients. We are accustomed to concierge service and organization on a macro and micro level. We work with large and small businesses and provide quick turnaround of results from FDA EUA Certified labs.

    We are operational experts that help customize your testing needs. We have multiple layers of operational expertise that ensure when problems arise we are there
  • to fix them. Testing is messy and we are here to keep it clean.
    Every business has a unique set of needs and we are here to make sure those needs are met. We do not have a cookie cutter platform. We partner with multiple labs
  • to ensure your business needs are met.
    We will assign your business a unique account manager that specializes in customer service to ensure we are able to meet your needs. Organizing testing and
  • results can be challenging. It is important to have someone to call on when you need something quickly.
  • NOT A LAB:
    We are not a lab. We contract with multiple labs so both in-state and out-of-state to ensure we can meet your needs of time and price.
    Our founders have a background in medicine and public health. We are experts in working with both employers and patients to meet all of your needs.
    We are ALWAYS available. There is no ask too large or too small. We are here to get your business through this challenging time.

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Total Testing Solutions

We are a Los Angeles based company dedicated to providing access to COVID testing for local businesses both big and small.

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